Residential Care

Our Residental Care services aim to:

    1. To administrate, assist and advance the well – being and development of young people at risk, being generally within the 14-25 age group and being predominantly but not exclusively of pacific island origin.
    2. To provide training activities for youth at risk, whether or not they reside in the N.Z.Y.D. charitable trust premises, thereby promoting their self esteem, physical fitness, self-reliance and sense of responsibility.

Respite Care Services

Respite care is short term care designed to give agencies or parents a break or for ‘time out’ reasons.  It allows time for decisions to be made about the ongoing care of the youth.  Respite care services are flexible and responsive to the individual needs of the youth, honour the ethnic, cultural and geographical differences of individuals and structured to each youths individuals changing needs.  Respite care programs operate in environments that are accessible and community inclusive, with the amount of respite care services provided determined by youth need.