Objectives & Goals

To establish positive working relationships with NZPD, Ministry of Social Development, NZ Employment Services, Tetau Co=operative Society Ltd and other agencies alike, both nationally and internationally to further the common objective.

To provide structure and boundaries for all youth with the assistance of Cadet training, sport training activities, personal & professional development, thereby promoting positive thinking patterns, positive decision making, self esteem, self awareness, sense of responsibility and good living habits to further them whilst in the care of NZYD and once they integrate into society

To provide realistic training and skills development programs that will assist them to obtain employment, providing mentorship to assist in encouraging the youth to advance their education progress as the transform and grow into mature young adults

To create and develop advanced education and all types of arts training programs; NZYD to devise and implement indigenous ethnic cultural art appreciation programs to encourage and increase participation, raise the awareness of the importance of whakapapa (history & story) and identity.

To provide all youth – this is includes young couples, single parent families etc – basic budgeting/financial programs that work towards assisting youth in understanding the worth of money, its purpose, using it wisely, improve lifestyle, niche programs that show young people how to plan for the future not only in goals but in financial mindset education.

To educate youth in understanding how to build positive peer relationships, friendships; acceptance of self and others beliefs, religious appreciation, cultural diversities with the support of local, national & international churches